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Application Procedures
Payment Method
How to apply a Virtual Server ?

Follow the following simple steps to apply a Virtual Server :

  1. Choose a suitable service plan :
    VServer Apache - Professional
    VServer Express - Affordable
  2. Online download the VServer Application Form (PDF Format)
  3. Fill in the application completely and fax back to us at (852)2387 2599
  4. Settle the required payment -
  5. - VServer Apache : * HK$2,050 (including HK$800 setup fee and HK$1250 1st month prepayment)
    - VServer Express : * HK$1,495 (including HK$800 setup fee and HK$695 1st month prepayment)
  6. Wait for about 3 working days for the application

* Not including the domain registration fee :
HK$200 (.com.hk 1-year registration fee to HKDNR)
HK$200 (.com 1-year registration fee)
Get file with PDF format, download Acrobat Reader

Having applied our Virtual Server, one session of training will be conducted to you by our professional staff. Content including :

  • how to manage and control the VServer
  • How to provide the best web hosting service
  • how to register domain names
  • provide a copy of VServer user guide

By applying for a VServer system, you will get immediately access to a powerful internet system ready for providing commercial grade business solutions.

Apply for your VServer system now to capture this exploding internet service demand opportunity!

Payment Method

You can settle the payment by :

  • by cheque
  • deposit the amount to our bank account


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