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VServer Express
VServer Apache
VServer Apache - Professional

VServer Apache provides a set of internet services for hosting advanced feature and function internet sites. It provide optimized high-end Apache web server with built-in Frontpage2000 server extension. SMTP, POP, IMAP, FTP and system log are all standard feature of this package.

Each VServer system is ready to serve multiple domains and web sites. You can add unlimited new web sites to it by simple edition setup files. There is no extra charge for adding new sites to your VServer system.

Apache Web Server IMAP Mail Server

* Virtual hosting multi-domain capable

* Quota restriction for each user

* Full CGI capacble for every virtual host * Setup unlimited number of IMAP account
* Full Frontpage2000 hosting capable * Allow access control of each account
* Full server configuration files access  

* Full access control with .htaccess

Password Server

* RealAudio / Video Streaming capable * Allow your users to easily change their login password themselves
* Configurable server logging  


Unix System Log Server

SMTP Mail Server

* Log important events of your system

* Sendmail V8 Mail Server

* Log all mail transfer

* Virtual hosting multi-domain ready * Log your user FTP access
* Anti-spamming configuration ready * Log your user POP/IMAP access
* Fully configurable virtual email forwarding * Log your user password changing attempts
* Full aliases configuration  
* Unlimited autoresponders Other features
  * Full telnet access
Full Function FTP Server * Full server configuration access

* Allow anonymous and user login

* Telnet based VAdmin utilities

* Quota restriction for each user * Web based VServer Admin. Center
* Setup unlimited number of FTP account * Online references
  * Server logging
POP Mail Server * PHP 3.0 ready

* Quota restriction for each user

* 8GB online storage

* Setup unlimited number of POP account

* Each domain setup 20 sub-domains


* Support any US (.com), HK (.com.hk), and other domains


Setup charge :
Additional Storage:
Monthly charge :
Domain setup fee:
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